RF Federal Chamber of Lawyers will again have an offsite meeting!

The meeting will take place during the second day of the 2018 Kovalyov Readings Program.
The offsite meeting of the RF Federal Chamber of Lawyers under the head of the RFCL Yuri Sergeevich Pilipenko will take place on the second day of the Conference Program. The Kovalyov Readings participants will have a unique chance to meet almost all Presidents of Chambers of Lawyers in Russia and take part in the meeting of the Council if invited by the RFCL.

The Kovalyov Readings will host such an event not for the first time; therefore, we hope that the 2018 meeting of the RFCL Council will be as efficient as in 2017.

Last year the RFCL Council approved two Clarifications of the RFCL Committee on Ethics taking into account the Standard draft on criminal advocacy prepared by the conciliation committee as well as the draft on amending and supplementing the Code of Professional Ethics for Advocates prepared by the RFCL working group. The RFCL Council also approved the draft on changing the RFCL Charter and solved some other issues.

See the last offsite meeting of the RFCL.