February 14th-15th, 2019

XVI International Research-to-Practice Conference dedicated to the memory of M.I. Kovalyov

2019 | The Right Mistake or Crime


Any development is accompanied by mistakes, because the man who has never made a mistake has never made anything; therefore by putting an end to innovative processes the society will rather lose than gain.

What are the mistakes and major areas where such mistakes can be made? What are the limits of classifying mistakes and actions aimed at committing crimes? How to avoid serious consequences in rendering professional services? Who is liable in case of a mistake? This is the range of issues we focused on during the 2019 Kovalyov Readings on 14-15 February in Yekaterinburg, Russia.


Business Program

These were the main talks and panels during Kovalyov Readings 2019

14 February

  • The Conference major report: «The Right Mistake or crime»

  • Plenary Meeting «The Right Mistake or crime»

  • Panel discussion: «Business mistakes and their consequences: risk or crime?»

  • Panel discussion: «Judicial mistakes and their sources: legislator, parties or judges?»

  • Panel discussion: «Medical mistake: evaluation criteria. Iatrogenesis»

  • Panel discussion: “Professional mistakes in practice of lawyers and notaries: the strength of a word and the charge for it?"

See the full program of February 14th

15 February

  • Off-site meeting of the Council of the RF Federal Chamber of Lawyers

  • Panel discussion «LegalTech VS Classical education: mistake or breakthrough?»

  • Arbitration Conference «Alternative Dispute Resolution: Consequences and the Cost of a Mistake».

  • «Arbitration agreement: how to avoid mistakes?»

  • «Arbitrator mistake and attorney mistake. What is the cost of a mistake and who pays the price?»

  • «The exercise of procedural rights: counsel’s mistake or abuse of rights?»

  • Workshop «100 questions on criminal law and process»

  • See the full program of February 15th

Cultural Program





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