February 16th-17th, 2017

XIV International Research-to-practice conference dedicated to the memory of M.I. Kovalyov

2017 | Criminal legal provisions in fine art, oratory, drama, classical literature and cinema


Culture has a profound impact on society and its goal is improving individual morals. Criminal aspects depicted in numerous cultural works and their influences are undervalued by neither the legal nor creative communities. It’s still a mystery whether one followed the example of Otello, Raskolnikov and Ivan the Terrible or refused from their criminal behavior, however this causes serious interest and demands discussion on how criminal activity of a human is influenced by various criminal acts portrayed in dramatic works, fiction and movies about crime.

The Kovalyov readings backed by cultural institutions of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region included representatives of various professions among local creative intellectual community as well as legal community members, who had a chance to ruminate on criminal law aspects applied by artists.

Jointly with the leading experts of law and art, participants had a unique opportunity to plunge into the creative process of making an artwork and its simultaneous evaluation from the criminal law standpoint.

Business Program

These were the main talks and panels during Kovalyov Readings 2017

16 February

  • Plenary Meeting: «Moral basis for criminal liability»

  • Panel discussion: «Victim of crime and society. Interaction points»

  • Panel discussion: «Morality of criminal law measures»

  • Panel discussion: «Religion and secular criminal law»

  • Panel discussion: «Criminal liability institution of law or morality»

  • Off-site meeting of the Council of the RF Federal Chamber of Lawyers

17 February

  • Author's lecture by Andrey Klishas «Topical issues of modern legislative activity»

    Author's workshop by Constance Bagley « Organization of high-quality and profitable legal practice»



  • Abdullaev Timur

  • Architect, Founder of the Chief Architect School, Yekaterinburg

  • Arlacchi Pino

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, University of Sassari, Italy

  • Artyukh Elena Nikolayevna

  • Business Rights Commissioner in the Sverdlovsk region

  • Bublik Vladimir Aleksandrovich

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Rector of the Ural State Law University, Yekaterinburg

  • Gilinsky Yakov Ilyich

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Russian State Pedagogical University after A.I.Herzen, St. Petersburg

  • Golik Yuri Vladimirovich

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Yeletsk State University named after I.A.Bunin, Moscow

  • Gorazd Mešhko

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Maribor University, President of the European Criminological Society, Slovenia

  • Dobrynin Konstantin Eduardovich

  • Advocate, Deputy Secretary of the RF Federal Chamber of Lawyers, Moscow

  • Zigmunt Olga

  • Ph.D., associate professor, Law Institute, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, scientific advisor, Department of Criminological Research and Crime Statistics, State Office of Criminal Investigation of Lower Saxony, Hannover, Germany

  • Inogamova-Hegai Lyudmila Valentinovna

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Moscow State Law University named after O.E.Kutafin, Moscow

  • Kibalnik Aleksei Grigoryevich

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, North Caucasus Federal University, Stavropol

  • Klyuvgant Vadim Vladimirovich

  • Candidate of Historical Sciences, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the RF Federal Chamber of Lawyers on the Protection of Advocates’ Rights, Moscow

  • Kovalevа Margarita Mikhailovna

  • Doctor of Philology, Professor, Ural Federal University, Member of the Russian Union of Journalists

  • Kozachenko Ivan Yakovlevich

  • Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Law, Professor, Deputy Chairman of the Pardon Commission with the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, Head of the Criminal Law Department, Ural State Law University, Yekaterinburg

  • Lopashenko Natalya Aleksandrovna

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Director of the Saratov Center on the Research of Organized Crime and Corruption, Saratov State Law Academy, Saratov

  • Merzlyakova Tatyana Georgyevna

  • Human Rights Ombudsman of the Sverdlovsk region, Chairman of the Pardon Commission with the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg

  • Mikhailov Valentin Ivanovich

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Roskosmos State Corporation, Moscow

  • Naumov Anatoly Valentinovich

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, All-Russia State University of Justice (RLA of the RF Ministry of Justice), Member of the Moscow Union of Writers, Moscow

  • Neznamova Zinaida Aleksandrovna

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Ural State Law University, Yekaterinburg

  • Neznamov Andrey Vladimirovich

  • Candidate of Law, Moscow

  • Pilipenko Yuri Sergeyevich

  • President of the RF Federal Chamber of Lawyers, Chairman of the Moscow Bar Association, YUST Law Firm, Doctor of Law, Professor, Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Advocacy and Notariat, Co-chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Advocacy of the Moscow State Law Academy named after O.E.Kutafin, Moscow

  • Puchkov Denis Valentinovich

  • Candidate of Law, Chairman of the Board of Partners of Puchkov&Partners, Yekaterinburg

  • Radosteva Yulia Viktorovna

  • Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Ural State Law University, Yekaterinburg

  • Benjamin R. Samson

  • Doctor of Law, Deputy Prosecutor, Manila, the Philippines

  • Stepanov-Yegiyants Vladimir Georgievich

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov, Moscow

  • Tuzmukhamedov Bakhtiyar Raisovich

  • Candidate of Law, Professor, Retired Judge of the UN International Tribunals for Rwanda and former Yugoslavia, Diplomatic Academy of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow

  • Tupancheski Nikola

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Saints Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

  • Khomich Vladimir Mikhailovich

  • Doctor of Law, Professor, Director of the Scientific and Practical Center for Strengthening the Rule of Law and Order with the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk