Denis Puchkov: “Shall we speak about “The Universe of Crime”? The topic may sound controversial but that’s what makes the difference”

Denis Puchkov, the managing partner of Puchkov&Partners and co-organizer of the 2018 Kovalyov Readings, was interviewed by the National Business magazine on the program of the 2018 Conference.

As expected, the organizers of the Conference have decided to raise the most topical and controversial issues:

One of the panels will focus on entrepreneurial risks through the prism of criminal law.
We will also discuss the Internet space which has become an incubator of crime ranging from arms and drugs trafficking to hacking attacks pursuing different aims.

We hope to have an interesting discussion for developers and constructors devoted to the architectural environment and its direct impact on crime, its contributing and non-contributing factors to commit crimes. Due to the lack of consistent criminological planning of the space we live in, there are two bad consequences: the creation of a dangerous space and the creation of an illusion of a safe space.

We will also focus on social upheavals which have recently been numerous. We will discuss some of them like the war in the former Yugoslavia, the construction of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union. We hope to have an interesting and sort of provocative international conference because we all remember that the above mentioned events led to a sharp increase of crimes.

Join us in discussing the most topical issues!

See the Conference Program.