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The XV Kovalyov Readings research-to-practice conference will take place on 15 – 16 February 2018 in Yekaterinburg.
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On 15–16 February 2018, Yekaterinburg will host the XV Kovalyov Readings research-to-practice conference which has become one of the largest conferences in Russia. Every year the Conference welcomes the most prominent legal scholars and practitioners dealing with criminal law. More than 2,000 participants and 300 speakers from Russia and other countries have taken part in the Conference.

The topic of the 2018 Kovalyov Readings is “The UNIVERSE OF CRIME: Diversity of Counter-Crime Models in Criminal Law and Criminology”.

The scope of the issues covered will allow us to analyze criminal activities and crimes in their diversity in all spheres of human life. The scope will, inter alia, include such issues as economic crimes and entrepreneurial risks; cybercrime as a real challenge to the XXI century mankind; social upheavals and their impact on crime, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union or the construction of the Berlin Wall; architectural space and its impact on the mechanism of committing a crime.

The 2018 Conference will see some of the most prominent legal scholars and practitioners from Russia as well as from other countries, among them are:

Arlacchi Pino - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, former Director General of the UN Department, Italy;
Pinky Anand - Sr. Advocate, Additional Solicitor General of India at the Supreme Court of India, New Deli, India;

  • Benjamin R. Samson - Doctor of Law, Deputy Prosecutor, Manila, the Philippines;
  • Bakhtiyar Raisovich Tuzmukhamedov – Candidate of Law, Professor, Retired Judge of the UN International Tribunals for Rwanda and former Yugoslavia, Diplomatic Academy of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow, Russia;
  • Natalya Aleksandrovna Lopashenko - Doctor of Law, Professor, Director of the Saratov Center on the Research of Organized Crime and Corruption, Saratov State Law Academy, Saratov;
  • Vladimir Mikhailovich Khomich – Doctor of Law, Professor, Director of the Scientific and Practical Center for Strengthening the Rule of Law and Order with the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk.

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