17 February 2018, Saturday

Weekend Program

During the whole day: excursions around Yekaterinburg and its suburbs.

"The Kovalyov Readings" participants will learn much about the city during the original excursion "Yekaterinburg. The Code of Criminals". by Dmitry Moskvin (Candidate of Political Sciences, Head of Educational Programs of the Yekaterinburg branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts). During this excursion the participants will find themselves in different places which have made Yekaterinburg notoriously famous as one of the criminal capitals in Russia. The Conference participants will look at the city history through its criminal secrets.

How did it happen that Sverdlovsk Constructivism became part of a conspiracy theory?

Was it possible to escape from "Zarechny Tyn prison", and what treasures did Shartash elders protect?

What happened to the biggest emerald in the world?

How did the "Uralmash" organized crime group build its empire? And who are the so-called "centrals"?

The route of the excursion will include: the embankment of the city pond, the Justice city, the Shirokaya Rechka cemetery, the Verkh-Isetsky district, the White tower – Kirovgradskaya St. – 1st Pyatiletka Square. The excursion will be interesting not only for the guests of the city but also for its dwellers.