XV International Research-to-Practice Conference dedicated to the memory of M.I. Kovalyov

Criminal Universe

Diversity of Counter-Crime Models in Criminal Law and Criminology
Crime has shadowed many spheres of the human life and thus predetermined the development of many institutions fundamental for a civilized society, such as law enforcement, judicial and penitentiary systems. The increased number of crimes committed in the society has changed the perception of this phenomenon depriving it of its obvious anti-moral connotation. In other words, the society has reconciled itself with crime and considers it as a routine fact. In such a situation it becomes difficult to distinguish between legal and illegal acts, especially in the sphere of business. At the same time, the society fails to evaluate the real magnitude of criminal activity which has grown global. The XXI century has seen territorial outbreaks of crimes where criminals are the law (for example, the prohibited organization of ISIS). A rapidly developing space of Internet has become an incubator of crime ranging from arms and drugs trafficking to different hacking attacks pursuing different aims. Will it trigger the spread of crime in all possible spheres of life? What is the role of social upheavals happening against the background of the economic and political crisis? How to take into account the interests of economic subjects while amending the rules of criminal law? How to protect the person from virtual threats? Is it possible to cope with crime and rid the humanity of criminals?

Legal scholars and practitioners are invited to discuss the above mentioned questions as well as other questions at the annual conference “The Kovalyov Readings” which will take place on 15-16 February 2018 in Yekaterinburg.

The Conference Program of 2018 will successfully continue the traditions of the past years. You can expect to hear highly qualified speakers and take part in professional discussions. New formats will create an enhanced forum for exchange of opinions on the most topical legal issues. See the full text of the Conference Program.